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  • Commissions: Are you getting all that you deserve? Do you have holdbacks or worse clawbacks? Is your income at risk if your customer doesn't pay?
  • Software, Systems & Support: Do you have the right systems and support to book your freight fast, communicate easily with minimal problems?
  • Independence: Do you have the freedom to guide your business as you see fit? Without limitations or the people you're working with blocking your way?
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Tell us what you're looking for.  Tell us your challenges or problems and we'll offer a solution to solve them.  Ask us anything about best practices, commission structures and brokerage operations. Compare to get the best.
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If you join us great! Your business will grow and you will love being part of our network family; just like our other agents.  If you decide to go your own way or stay where you are, you'll know what's possible.
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  • Johnny R. Texas: "I love the company. Everyone is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. People go out of their way to try and help you when in need. Even during difficult situations, SPI Logistics staff understood and worked with me to solve issues, making me feel like not just part of the company but part of the family. I see myself being here until I retire."
  • Carolynn F. Canada: "This business has allowed me to live my life the way I want to (volunteering to other places, and spending quality time with my family and friends). SPI Logistics' willingness to take me on has helped me continue growing and I look forward to this next phase of my expansion."
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SPI is North Americas' first independent freight brokerage agent networks.  We've been in the business of helping you grow your business for 40 years.  Commission structures, support systems, software, financing models; we've seen them all.  You can count on our experience for you to know you're getting the best of everything; from us or anyone else. 
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